Private Contest Game - Season 2023
Act n°241 336


The stable, the company, the club: MIRAGE RACING
The winner, the member, the user, the winner: THE MEMBER
Membership ticket, subscription, digital asset: MEMBERSHIP
The site, online, the web address, the url:
The season, current season: From April to November of the current year.

Article 1 : Organization

1.1 The Company, located at 616 Rue de l'Ormière 31380 Montastruc-la-Conseillère, racing stable, registered under the siret n°848 936 902, organizes a private online contest, on the internet, in the manner of a tombola, reserved only for active members (up to date with their membership fees for the current year).
1.2 The contest is limited to 9518 entries.
1.3 The contest is called "Le Club des Amis de Mirage".
1.4 The contest runs from April 7, 2023 to October 8, 2023 with a launch phase from April 7 to 22, 2023.
1.5 The contest is open to all adults of any nationality.

Article 2: Participation

2.1 Participation in the competition is reserved exclusively for Mirage Racing Club members who have paid their annual dues.
2.2 Participation is free and automatic for each member.
2.3 Participation is valid only for the season in progress at the time the rules are submitted.
2.4 Participation is automatic, without any particular step, as soon as the subscription is made, to all new members who have paid their membership fees.
2.5 Participation is without obligation of purchase.
2.6 Membership implies full acceptance of these rules.

Article 3: Terms and Conditions

3.1 The details of the contest operation are available on the website in the contest section at the bottom of the page or directly via the following web address:
3.2 Non-members can subscribe online to an annual membership, worth 249 euros including all taxes (public price), as long as the maximum number of entries has not been reached, in order to join the Club prior to their participation in said contest.
3.3 A unique, individual and unchangeable digital asset will be issued upon joining. This will be the member's entry form and eligibility for the draws. During the first launch phase, the digital assets are not transferred. They will be transferred as of April 23, 2023 or, if the first phase is postponed, at the end of the first phase.
3.4 The asset is stored in the digital portfolio of the member's choice and is attached to the member's email address.
3.5 Possession of this digital asset is proof of participation in the said competition.
3.6 Each digital asset is numbered.
3.7 There are two ways to purchase a membership:
* Join in pre-sale from April 7, 2023 at the rate of 249 euros all taxes included (possible partner promo code not deducted)
* Join the public sale, from April 23, 2023 (in case of postponement of the first phase, at the end of this one) at the unique rate of 249 euros all taxes included for the remaining memberships with the unique rule of first come, first served. As of April 23, 2023 (in case of postponement of the first phase, at the end of the first phase), the promotional discount codes of the partners are no longer valid.
3.8 In the event that the date of the first phase has to be postponed for commercial or marketing reasons, the new date will be announced directly on the website, but does not affect the operation of the competition.

Article 4: Prizes

4.1 The prizes are determined by MIRAGE RACING in agreement with its teams and partners, taking into account the constraints imposed by its own competitions.
4.2 The prizes are not exchangeable for their cash value or for other goods.
4.3 The prizes are freely transferable, by transfer of the digital asset, to any person of his choice, and at the value of his choice.
4.4 In the case of a paid transfer, 15% is returned to the Club automatically through an intelligent digital contract.
4.5 The value of the prizes listed in the table available on the stable's website,, is determined at the time of drafting these rules and cannot be disputed as to its evaluation.
4.6 Initial prizes provided:

Visual Brand Designation Quantity Public price
VENUM Overall holding x200 500 euros
BRM Venum V6 limited edition watch numbered x10 7,500 euros
MIRAGE Lunch with the Pilots x60 200 euros
MIRAGE Trackday Pro Private Days x8 10 000 euros
ASTON MARTIN One of the 3 cars of the season with its record of achievements x1 650,000 euros
MIRAGE Lot of 2 invitations circuit x9518 34 euros
VENUM Down jacket x300 150 euros
VENUM Sweatshirt x1000 175 euros
VENUM Softshel Jacket x419 220 euros
MIRAGE Baptism with Pilot x50 250 euros
BRM Numbered Mirage bracelet x150 300 euros
MIRAGE Key ring x2000 25 euros
VENUM Caps x1500 40 euros
VENUM Polos x1500 75 euros
MIRAGE Grid Walk only x200 25 euros
VENUM Tshirt x2000 45 euros
MIRAGE Stand invitations x120 150 euros

Article 5: Draws

5.1 This contest will result in 5 draws during the season. A communication will be sent beforehand to specify the date and time.
The dates may be subject to change.
5.2 A draw (24.95%) of the first numbers will take place on June 22, 2023.
5.3 A draw B (24.95%) of the following numbers will take place on July 28, 2023.
5.4 A draw C (24.95%) of the following numbers will take place on August 29, 2023.
5.5 A draw D (24.95%) of the following numbers will take place on September 21, 2023.
5.5 The final draw E (0.19%) of the last numbers will take place between October 6 and 8, 2023 on the Paul Ricard circuit, on the occasion of the last race of the season, in front of press and media, during a live event to which the last ones in the running will be invited.
5.6 The first numbers drawn will win the lowest value prizes. The last number drawn will win the highest value prize.
5.7 The drawing of the numbers will be done using a random drawing script in Python language written by the artificial intelligence Chat GPT4.
5.8 Each draw will take place live during an online conference (Teams, Webinar, Visio...).
5.9 Winners will be notified by phone or email within a maximum of 7 days after the draw.
5.10 The results of the draw will also be posted on the stable's website:
5.11 The number of prizes is proportional to the number of tickets sold. The main prize with a high value, will not be put into play below 2500 memberships and will be put back on the next season.
5.12 The non-execution of the draws - or - the postponement of the date of a draw, is not worth a refund of the Club membership. Participation in this contest is a bonus offered to active members for the current season.
5.13 The table of prizes is available on the website of the stable. Before the first draw, this table will be updated in proportion to the number of effective memberships.

Article 6 : Delivery of the prizes

6.1 The prizes will be delivered to the winners by MIRAGE RACING by any means at its convenience before the end of the current season, i.e. no later than 45 days after the last race on 8 October 2023. Shipping costs outside metropolitan France are the responsibility of the member.
6.2 Winners who have not communicated all the contact information allowing them to be recontacted - or - who do not manifest themselves within 30 days after the announcement of the results, lose the definitive right to claim their prize. This does not affect their access to the benefits of the Club for which the membership ticket was purchased.
6.3 The main prize, namely the Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 that ran during the season, will only be awarded to the winner after a full service by MIRAGE. The team commits to deliver the vehicle within 45 days.
6.4 In the event of undelivered returns, the prize will remain with the winner for 15 days.
6.5 All costs incurred after the game, particularly for the maintenance and use of the prizes, are entirely the responsibility of the winning member.
6.6 The company reserves the right, in the event of an event beyond its control, in particular linked to its suppliers or to unforeseeable circumstances, to replace the advertised prize with a prize of equivalent value. The winner will be informed of any changes.

Article 7: Personal data

7.1 The personal data provided by members at the time of their subscription will only be used for communications related to the competition and will not be shared with third parties.
7.2 In accordance with the regulations in force, participants have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning them by writing to the Club, in particular via the stable's website:
7.3 Each participant authorizes the company to broadcast any photo taken during the prize-giving and to communicate on its social networks.

Article 8: Disputes

8.1 The French regulations on promotional contests are strict because any commercial practice must be fair. This document is filed with a Justice Commissioner and serves as a contract between the stable and the participants.
8.2 In the event of a dispute or audit, these contest rules are authoritative and are subject to French law.
8.3 Any dispute relating to the interpretation of the rules or participation in the contest will be submitted to the competent courts.
8.4 Any participation made contrary to the provisions of these rules will render the participation invalid. Any participant suspected of fraud may be removed from the contest by the company without having to justify this. Any identification or participation that is incomplete, erroneous or illegible, whether intentionally or not, or made in a form other than that provided for in these rules will be considered invalid.

Article 9: Regulations

9.1 The rules are deposited with a judicial commissioner of the SCP FOUILLADE DUGUET under the act n°241 336
9.2 The organizing company reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify or cancel its operation at any time, in particular in the event of force majeure, without participants being entitled to claim any compensation, as the contest is a bonus for new active Club members. The rules, as amended by amendment(s), will be filed, if necessary, with the said firm.
9.3 The rules are available for free access here

Done on April 04, 2023,